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Review by Vinita Bhagwandin on 2011-12-06
"food is really yummy..and easy on ur wallet.very romantic at night. decor is amazing..finally an upscale chinese restaurant that i like.will be back for sure.staff very friendly..oh and another thing the only chinese restarant that ive been to in NYC that gave a fortune cookie at the end of the meal.was definately a pleasent surprise."

Review by Edna on 2011-09-15
"I went to have dinner and it was great as well as drinks... the environment of the restaurant overall is also good ;) I would definately recommend it.."

Review by Giselle Melania on 2011-08-30
"just had dinner here for the first time last night and i absolutely loved it. Great food and great service. The vibe was very lounge yet very private and comfortable. Highly reccommend to everyone"

Review by KANA on 2011-08-06
"My family and I have been here for years! Always good service, great tasting food! Would recommend this restaurant if you're ever in the area or craving authentic chinese food."

Review by Roxy on 2011-08-03
"the food here is amazing and their drinks are strong but sweet. I went there for the first time last week and fell in love with the place."

Review by Henry K. on 2011-05-29
"I am 13 years and this is my favorite restaurant. Me and my Parents have been coming here at least once every 2 weeks. This is a great restaurant with amazing food."

Review by Nicole N. on 2011-02-17
"I've been going to Chef Yu for years. It's one of my favorite restaurants. I have dinner here at least once a month and I held my engagement party here. "

Review by Butterfly on 2011-02-11
"I have been coming to Chef Yu since the first day it opened. I used to work in the building next door back then; so far, never have been disappointed. I work a bit far now but I still manage to have lunch or dinner there at least 2x a mth. I love it there, the food is AMAZING and the DRINKS are GREAT. The staff is awesome and plus, they pretty much know me, which is even greater. A lot of my friends have gone here on my recommendation and are just thrilled. Keep up the great work!"

Review by Min P on 2010-10-25
"Chef Yu is one of my favorite restaurants in New York (although I have only been here for 2 weeks!) The food here is reasonably priced, which is difficult to find in New York, and all the pastime specials can be found here. The happy hour is a good deal as well, but mostly for the beer. The size of the cocktails and the well drinks can be quite small, but it is only $4 so what can you expect? Thus far, this is the only restaurant (besides Subway Sandwiches) that I have been to twice and each dish that I order has brought me a pleasant surprise"

Review by WY on 2010-10-25
"Came here for a business lunch a couple times but I won't come otherwise. Food is ok but is catered more towards tourist. It lacks the authenticity. Price is ok, food is ok, atmosphere is ok. This place is ok"

Review by Joanie K on 2010-10-25
"To be honest, I didn't think very much of this place.. assumed it was a large 'chinese' restaurant catering to American tastes. It still is that, but the food is pretty authentic and tasty. Excellent happy hour prices! Drinks are generally strong which is nice"

Review by Amanda L on 2010-10-25
"This is usually our go-to place if we're rolling seven or eight deep at lunchtime, since it's one of the few moderately priced restaurants in the area that is big enough to accommodate us all. It's decent Chinese food for a decent price. The service is meh. Oh, and don't limit yourself to the lunch specials because you think you're getting more for your money - you probably won't eat that salad. Their "salad" consists of some sad pieces of iceberg lettuce with who-knows-what "dressing." The egg rolls that come with the lunch special are OK though."

Review by Denise E. on 2010-08-12
"I have only ordered the take out thus far, but it always comes within 10 minutes and always hot. The lunch specials are very well priced, and you get two little spring rolls and a salad with it. And a very generous portion of rice (fried, which is delicious, white or brown). I hear it is very lovely inside the restaurant and I'm looking forward to doing that soon! Very highly recommended. "

Review by Patricia C. on 2010-02-02
"My aunt, who works on 39th Street, took me to this restaurant for lunch because they have a lunch special from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. She recommended #8-General Tso's Chicken and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! The price was also decent for a lunch around midtown! I'll definitely go back for a second taste!!!"

Review by Eric L on 2010-02-02
"This was excellent Chinese food. It's about time I found an awesome Chinese place in Manhattan. It's right around the corner from my office which means that I'll be hitting them up a bit more regularly. I had their Sesame chicken (which is my goto dish), fried rice, and an egg roll. It's rare that I actually like a Chinese place enough to write a review after 1 dish. I'll be heading back there and updating my review when I try more stuff. Good service and great lunch menu too"

Review by Dennis M on 2010-02-02
"There are a myriad of Chinese Restaurants in West Midtown, and its about time this place came about. The dumplings are top notch. The general tso's tofu is amazing (and I'm not vegetarian). Great quality ingredients, not greasy, and overall very highend - but the prices aren't! They also have great drink specials. In addition, they deliver within 20 mins everytime! I recommend you give them a call or order through the site SeamlessWeb. You can also pick up your order. I pick up my order via SeamlessWeb since I work a block away and don't have to wait long."

Review by STEVEN W on 2010-01-18
"SPICY DICED CHICKEN. i believe its #5 on the lunch special. thats all i've ever ordered from this place. love it. i wish more chinese restaurants would offer this. it comes with chicken and peppers and the peppers are actually spicy. this has got to be one of my favorite chinese dishes in new york. i work on 42nd and 6th and its a bit of a walk over here on my lunch break. but who cares, i take 2-3 hour lunches anyways. and i'm not afraid to say this cause my bosses are not on yelp....right? greatest bosses in the world btw. and yes i've heard of something called delivery but i'm very impatient and anxious when i'm hungry. true, walking over there and coming back probably takes more time but at least i'm in control of it. i hate it when things are out of my control. one of my many illogical traits. love me for who i am. i've never eaten here but the place has a great decor (which man in their right mind says 'great decor'?). its big and looks very fancy (again, fancy?). i mean it looks aiight, nahhh mean. there much better. 4 stars for the spicy diced chicken alone and the fancy schmancy decor. argghhh there i go again."

Review by MATTHEW A on 2010-01-18
"I have yet to grab food here because there's too many cheaper and more authentic options within two blocks, and Sczechuan Gourmet is no more than a ten minute walk away. Plus, it's just too close to my work to be able to kill off an entire hour for lunch. But being close to work has its advantage. I can send out that last e-mail of the day and then be enjoying a $4 cocktail in under five minutes. Chef Yu is an exceedingly high brow place for being both located at this part of 8th ave, and for being a Chinese restaurant. The decor is sharp, romantic, and spacious. The spotlight happy hour deal is $4-$4.50 cocktails and the list is epic. There must have been 30 different choices of girly concoctions (not that the girly part stopped me from ordering them). The few I sampled were, as cocktails are meant to be, decievingly strong. I wouldn't go as far to say that they were extremely well made, but I'm not a cocktail fanatic and they are just fine by my standards. This being the area where I spend a sizable portion of my life at the moment, I really appreciate Chef Yu where I could easily bounce from work to get some cheap drinks, and then easily catch a train. Some advice for the 9-5ers in the area. I know how frustrating the tourist crowds in front of Macy's can be, with people deciding to stop dead in their tracks to pictures of the Empire State Building and such, but a few drinks and a slight buzz can turn all that around. It feels good to see people from all over the world coming to enjoy the very same area where we tend to just bury our heads and try to mow through the crowds."

Review by Anonymous on 2009-10-21
"good food finally finally good chinese food! WOOOT WOOT "

Review by Jeanne on 2009-10-21
"Best Place for private Party I had a family party for my son and his fiance the Friday before they got married. The food was great and the service was the best. We only had one waiter for a group of 25 people. He was on the ball. He made sure we all had food and drinks the whole time we were there. Being on the balcony was great because it was our own private space. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks.... "

Review by Athena C on 2009-10-01
"OK Sichuan restaurants near Penn Station. It has a high-end decor and a full bar. The flavor is good and pretty authentic. I love their lunch specials which provides you a special house salad with spicy dressing. I really like their hot and sour soup and kung pao dishes. It is a little heavy on the sauces. Again, a little on the pricey side for Chinese food but if you work/live in this area, this is a safe place to go. "

Review by Laur T on 2009-09-04
"3.5 stars Very affordable, decent chinese style dinner with an equally well-priced happy hour menu in a nice sit-down bar and restaurant setting. We had the following: - Scallion pancake - Steamed shrimp dumpling - Szechuan beef - Sesame Chicken (or something similar) - Tofu skin dish that was plated like it's a tagliatelle with peas dish - Roast duck - Veg 6 people (7th came at close to end of meal) $13 per person for a pretty filling and sumptious dinner. If anything, the price is king here. "

Review by Julie K on 2009-09-04
"I work right above Penn Station and most of the choices for lunch around that area are bleak and depressing. Chef Yu's lunch special is cheap, super fast, and pretty yummy. I usually get chicken & broccoli or chicken & veggies, you can get brown rice for no extra charge (I think?). The few times I've gone for dinner, I've gotten the pineapple fried rice and it has never disappointed me. "

Review by phawk44 on 2009-08-05
"Amazing food, great prices, and super fast delivery. My food is always delivered in under 20 minutes from when I dial the phone. Incredible. (I now have Chef Yu as one of my phone contacts). "

Review by Suzanna G on 2009-07-20
"This place is great for lunch- their specials are cheap, you get a ton of food, and the service is really quick so you can be back in the office within the hour. "

Review by Alan S on 2009-07-20
"With the general deterioration of Chinese restaurants in NYC in recent years, it is wonderful to discover a place like Chef Yu. Anyone looking for delicious Chinese cuisine where combinations of flavors are the goal should make a beeline for this place."

Review by Lady p. on 2009-07-08
"Excellent fried dumplings, fresh ingredients, and happy hour that lasts 'til 9pm. Avoid the springrolls... They're a little funky. "

Review by MikeG. on 2009-07-08
"Another GREAT meal and service! This is also a fantastic buy in Manhattan! "

Review by David C. on 2009-07-03
" started working in Hell's Kitchen in February and my main focus is lunch spots in the area. Always need a reliable Chinese place and a great deli. I found both and Chef Yu i have to say is very, very good. the lunch specials are double the price of the surrounding Chinese take outs but its well worth it (still under $10) my comfort zone is always the beef and broccoli with white rice lunch special. now normally i would complain that soup isn't offered with the lunch special but that's ok. they do give you 2 mini spring rolls with every lunch special. i've never eaten in the restaurant itself but if this place was in midtown or in the meat packing district it could hold its own in regards to decor. but then again if this place was in either area I'm sure they would charge much more. Also the steamed dishes with their sauces on the side is pretty damn good. "

Review by Mike G. on 2009-07-03
"This is a GREAT find in NYC! The service is INCREDIBLE! The atmosphere is VERY upscale and comfortable! The food....well, we went with reviews from here and added what our waiter suggested and WOW, it was all fantastic! VERY authentic. Portions were better than average, more than we could eat! The Happy Hour drink specials are fantastic too...It is a must when you want great chinese food in NYC! "

Review by BILL S on 2009-07-01
"Really really nice place for lunch at Long Island prices! The place looks like an after hours club. By day, midtown eatery. By night, get yo freak on! Lunch was great: shredded spicy beef with brown rice. Shrimp chow fun and the shrimp tasted fresh and cooked perfectly. The General Tso chicken spot on! Take 15 minutes and come here for lunch, it will not disappoint! "

Review by Hannah L on 2009-07-01
"chef yu is pretty cool! came here for lunch and was not disappointed. the interior looks very loungey - i'm sure it takes over the whole lounge feel when its dark outside too. they give you plastic bags for wet umbrella putting! very nice. i sat a table that was against the wall, and i sat in the booth. pretty cool booth seat, except for that it doesn't have a back. you need to sit pretty far away from the wall to eat tho. general tso's tofu was really yummy. and food was decently priced! good choice for food in midtown, it's not rushed/skeezy. waitstaff is efficient and you get food in a timely manner. i wana come back at night, because i hear they have cheap cocktails and fun atmosphere!"

Review by Simon Chik on 2009-05-28
"This is one of the nicest Chinese restaurants I have ever been to. Clean, Delicious = WONDERFUL. The sushi restaurant next door is AMAZING."

Review by D RoC on 2009-05-03
"Chef Yu has an illustrious atmosphere with Great Food, Great Drinks, for a Great Price!!!!!!!!!!!"

Review by Leanne on 2009-04-28
"Loved everything about this place. I am still dreaming of the pork spare ribs and squid YUMMY! "

Review by NN on 2009-04-13
"Great restaurant, great price and great atmosphere.... Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!"

Review by k.k on 2008-12-05
"First Chef Yu Happy Hour is Good $3.50 everday nice drink & food too. We do party last week, we be like back. "

Review by Chef Yu on 2008-10-08
"This restaurant is great!"

Review by NYC Food Lover on 2008-10-08
"Wonderful restaurant. Friendly staff. Can't wait to try more of the Chef Specials as everything I've had has been delicious. "

Review by Hoonsung Kim on 2008-10-07
"Wonderful lunch spot for a good and cheap bite. Did not expect to find such a nice restaurant on the 8th avenue side, but this was a pleasant surprise."

Review by Junseok Yoon on 2008-10-07
"Had a great time at the happy hour. Fantastic food and cheap drinks. Appreciate it!"

Review by Irene Y. on 2008-10-07
"Came here on a date and was surprised at the nice chic atmosphere. It's a gourmet Chinese restaurant with "take-out" prices. Love it!"

Review by RayC on 2008-10-06
"A wonderful little spot in the heart of mid-town. The inner decor is modern, yet cozy. The cuisine is a mix of Szechuan spicy and Cantonese fare. This restaurant is one of the rare combinations of affordable and delicious! "

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